Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1. Fees collection and transfer policy. Public (swimming complex) and Private pool(condominium)

  • For Public pool Swim fees are collected bi monthly based on number of classes for the 2 months. New intake for group lesson at public pool, we collect 60sgd for 4 classes as to see if child is suitable to continue.
  • For private pool, we collect 4 classes in a month as to see if child is suitable to continue. Learners are advice to complete the 4 minimum required classes in that month. Any outstanding lessons or fees will be forfeited.
  • Swim fees are non- refundable once lesson commence and non- transferable to any 3rd parties

2. Termination and Temporary Discontinuation

  • Students are required to give at least one month notice to withdraw from swimming lessons.
  • For temporary discontinuation,One month in advance notice to be given to their swimming instructor, moreover parents are to place a month deposit to reserve their instructor slots if they need to discontinue swimming classes for more than a month

3. Public Holiday and 5th weeks

  • There will be NO swimming lessons on the eve and first 3days of Chinese Lunar New Year.
  • No swimming lessons will be conducted on Public Holidays in Singapore. Fees will be pro rated accordingly.
  • Swimming lessons will be as per normal on 5th week.

4. Relief of Swimming Coach

  • Our swim school reserved the rights to substitute a relief coach should your swim coach is not available due to unforeseen events.

5. Liability

  • Participants who join this swimming programmes do so entirely at their own risk. Our swim school will not be liable for any injuries,damage or loss of life while attending this programmes.

6. Foul Weather

  • In cases of bad weather, students are advice to attend lessons as usual. land drills and water safety theory will be conducted in replacement the practical lesson. Your coach will be stationed at the designated swimming venue for the entire lesson and continue with lesson once condition is suitable.

7. Attendance

  • For public pool, Learners are advised to attend swimming lessons unless you are told by the coach for any cancellation.
  • For private coaching in private pools, Learners are advised to inform coach at least 5 hrs before lessons commence, after which make up lesson will be arrange in favor of the coach.

8. General

  • Our swim school reserves the right to alter our terms and condition without prior notice.