Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ideal age for my kids to start learning swimming?

A: We start from 4years old for group swimming lessons. Any age younger we would advice private coaching.

Q: Normally how long does it take for my kids to learn how to swim?

A: Every child is unique in their own way, some learn faster than the others. Our coaches will advice you on the progress after few lessons.

Q: Are your instructors qualify to teach my child?

A: All our swimming instructors are certify by Singapore Sports Councils or Singapore Swimming Teachers Association or Austswim certify. All of our swimming coaches are experiences and committed in their job.

Q: What is the group size in the public pool? And condominium?

A: In Singapore public swimming complex we take up to maximum 10 students. For condominium pools we take up to maximum 8 students because there are no lifeguards on duty.

Q: Will there be fees refund after I sign up and something emergency happen?

A: We will only do a refund of half the total fees paid as administrative charges applies. One hour before lesson start there will be strictly no refund. Hence we would advise parents to read through our swimming policies before signing up.

Q: My children are having water phobia although they are now in their upper primary level,are they suitable to start?

A: Kids having water phobia is very common in our swimming programme. Not to worry as our patience coach will go slow with them and break into small steps by the edge of the pool before moving on. we believe every child can swim.

Q: When do I need to make the first payment if I am sure of signing up my kids?

A: please do not make payment until you were told to do so, we need to allocate and match a suitable coach for your child. Once you have received a confirmation SMS payments will need to be made at least 3days before lesson start.

Q : Can I request for a change of coach if its not suitable?

A: yes we have many of these cases but We would advise parents to let your child complete at least 4 lessons before changing as to be fair to both instructors and students.

Q : Will my children be taking any swimming test once they can swim? And is the swimming certificate recognized?

A: Yes they will. The coach will do an assessment before sending them for test. Our swim school are teaching the swim safer programme which is issued only by the Singapore swimming body.

Q : I am in my late 50s am I too old to learn swimming?

A: Swimming is a lifelong kind of sports. 50 years old is consider average age for our adults learners. Many of our adults learners are grandparents and they are now swimming with their grandchildren.