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Swim classes Singapore

Improvement Skills

Swim Safer Bronze Entries & Exits

  • Enter water using a compact jump


Swim Safer Bronze Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Demonstrate a backward and forward somersault in the water


SwimSafer Bronze Underwater skills

  • Search for and recover an object in 1.5 m of water depth
  • Demonstrate a feet-first surface dive


Swim Safer Bronze Movement / Swimming / Strokes

  • Swim 100m Continously
  • 25m Front Crawl
  • 25m Breaststroke
  • 25m Backstroke
  • 25m Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke


Swim Safer Bronze Survival & Activity skills

  • Dressed in swimwear, shorts and t-shirt demonstrate 3 minutes swimming slowly using any appropriate swim stroke, changing each minute


SwimSafer Bronze Rescue Skills

  • Perform a throw rescue using an unweighted rope over a distance of 6m
  • Wade to a person and deliver a flotation aid in deep water
  • Approach in “Ready” position


Swim Safer Bronze Knowledge

  • Principles of water craft safety


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Development Skills

Swim Safer Stage 3 Entries & Exits

  • Perform a stride/straddle entry



Swim Safer Stage 3 Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Demonstrate sculling in a horizontal position for 10 seconds with arms only
  • Demonstrate the ability to change direction on command
  • Demonstrate reverse action


Swim Safer Stage 3 Underwater skills

  • In chest deep water swim through hoops on pool bottom 2 metres apart.



SwimSafer Stage 3 Movement / Swimming / Strokes

  • Swim 50m continously
  • 25m using either Breaststroke or Front- Crawl
  • 25m using either Backstroke or Survival Backstroke


Swim Safer Stage 3 Survival & Activity skills

  • Swim wearing clothing for 25m
  • Demonstrate ability to correctly fit a PFD in the water


Swim Safer Stage 3 Rescue Skills

  • Throw a flotation aid to a partner at 3m distance and instruct to kick to the edge
  • Perform a reach rescue using a rigid aid and pull a partner to safety


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SwimSafer Stage 1: Introduction to Water Skills (Swimming)

Entries & Exits

  • Enter the water safely and confidently with slide-In entry and exit using ladder and from pool edge.

SwimSafer Stage 1: Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Recover from a face down float or glide to a standing position.
  • Recover from a back float or glide to a standing position
  • Introduction to Floatation Survival Technique

SwimSafer Stage 1: Underwater skills

  • Submerge in waist depth water, open eyes and blow bubbles.


  • Swim – Any stroke
  • Forward movement 10 m
  • Intro to Backward movement 5m

SwimSafer Stage 1 Survival & Activity skills

  • Support body in an upright position and signal distress.
  • Grasp a flotation aid thrown for support.
  • Be pulled to safety.
  • Wearing clothing, correctly fit a PFD, jump into the water, float for 30 seconds and then climb out of deep water.

SwimSafer Stage 1 Rescue Skills

  • N/A

SwimSafer Stage 1 Knowledge