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Swimsafer bronze

Swim Safer Gold Entries & Exits

  • Demonstrate a standing dive

Swim Safer Gold Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Keep face above the water surface for 60 seconds using legs only


Swim Safer Gold Underwater skills

  • Search for and recover an object in 1.8 m of water depth
  • Demonstrate equalising of ear/nose


Swim Safer Gold Movement / Swimming / Strokes

  • Swim 400m continuously
  • 100m Breaststroke
  • 100m Front Crawl
  • 100 m Backstroke
  • 100m Survival Backstroke or Sidestroke
  • Efficient stroke techniques must be used


Swim Safer Gold Survival & Activity skills

  • Dressed in swimwear, long pants, long sleeved shirt, shoes and socks, perform the following sequence
  • Enter deep water using an appropriate entry method swim 5 metres underwater to simulate an escape form a sinking boat surrounded by oil
  • Swim a further 45 metres as if escaping from a dangerous situation
  • Remove shoes and then swim slowly for further 50 metres using Read More
Swim classes Singapore

For swimming lesson in the private pool, you can choose your preferred timing and location and we will organize the swimming lesson cater to your requirement. We strongly recommend beginners and those who want to master a swimming stroke within a short period to take up private swimming lessons as the swimming will be giving full attention to individual student.
For private swimming lessons , you may choose your desire timing and venue in any part of Singapore, you may also arrange make up should your kids is unwell but 5hrs in advance notice to be given. Learners are also need to fulfil 4classes in a month.

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